A Sad Time for Neema Village


A Sad Time for Neema Village

September 8, 2020

At 2:30 this afternoon, we lost Christina. I hate writing those words, it just cannot be. This morning she was sitting in the office and Priscilla was teaching her that when we sing “Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me,” she was supposed to touch her own chest 3 times. Instead she would lean over and pat Priscilla’s chest. She will never sing those words again. As I write these words I know she is hearing those words right now from the very one who inspired that song. Jesus loves the little ones like you, you, you Christina.

Our Baby Christina was 14 months old. Her mother was a drug addict and the father was unknown. We were her family. We are the ones who took her to the hospital so many times we lost count. We almost lost her a number of times, once when they told us her bowels were dead. Our doctor thought she might have had an aneurism. She had had so many problems in her little body that something just blew and she went home.

We are so proud of our staff, of the nannies, Esther, Joy, Safina and Bekah who did their best doing CPR and of Baraka who raced us to the hospital, lights flashing and horn honking and me with the window down yelling at the traffic to get out of the way!

The staff and the hospital were incredible. They gave her a shot right into her heart and did the paddles, and more CPR, but she was gone. So many of you have prayed for this baby we knew you would want to know.

We say “Life is so short.” This one truly was. We thought she would be the next Neema baby walking. She has walked her little self right into the arms of Jesus. Yes, Life is short but eternity is long. She will be loved a long, long time. While we had her we loved her well.