The Life of a Missionary Teacher in Africa

The Life of a Missionary Teacher in Africa

September 15, 2020

At eight thirty every morning, Monday through Thursday, you will find Ashley Berlin at the Neema Village school building in Arusha, Tanzania.

Our kids are always eager to get to school with Ashley and Caroline who make learning fun for the five to three-year old children at our baby home in Africa. 

Ashley Berlin, from Casper, Wyoming has been directing our school program for four years. May I just say she is an incredibly dedicated, resourceful and talented teacher. 

Her classroom is filled with learning and life and happy students going from one project to the next, like the cute drawings below. 

Her students who go on to regular schools in Arusha are always top students in their classrooms. Ashley’s class day starts with bible stories, songs and prayer. Our “Littles” are praying in school below, well some of them are!

Last year we completed the Neema school building on campus with two classrooms, library/music room, office and bathrooms. The building is located behind the baby home on the front corner as you pull into our drive at Neema Village.

The windows in the classrooms open to view beautiful Mt. Meru, the fifth tallest mountain in all of Africa. I would be tempted to just sit and stare out the window! 

And the students are off to a good start this school year. 

Elesha who is six years old is reading and doing double number additions. He read Psalms 19:21 for us at church a couple of Sundays ago. “The Heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” Pretty good for a six-year-old!

The big kids have music and drum classes with Caroline. The two-year olds come later at ten in the mornings for music and they love singing with Caroline, too.

When Ashley has time she loves to hold the little babies at Neema

She also does toy time in the evening for the big kids.

We know this is a ministry of love and sacrifice for Ashley. She misses her family and church in Casper. At Neema she loves to take the big kids like Nengai to church.

For a young woman there are few prospects for marriage and family here and right now with Covid scaring off all our volunteers there are no young people here for her to pal around with, just us old folks. 

But there are things that make it all worthwhile like this little face below, cheery little bubbly Isaac!

Sacrifice comes in many different forms today but I am confident that if you asked Ashley if her work was a sacrifice you would hear a resounding, “No Way!” . 

May God bless all our teachers but especially those serving in foreign countries.

Mom and Dad Berlin you did an awesome job raising this one!

And Thank you to all the wonderful people who donated time, money, books, furnishings and suitcase space for educational supplies for this project.  We know it was a work of love for you

Love and Blessings,


Ashley Berlin sings with the Neema kids.