Our First Graduate From the Day Care

Our First Graduate From the Day Care

August 30, 2020

Almost three years ago triplets were born at Mt. Meru Hospital in Arusha, Tanzania. The two baby boys were healthy and strong but the little girl was sickly and unable to keep food down, they were not sure she would live.  Today she is a graduate!

After the triplets birth the mother stayed a month in the hospital with Esther while the triplet boys, Edward and Elesha, came to Neema Village.  When the tiny baby girl was finally able to come to Neema she was put in the incubator in the isolation room and on the warming table to keep her temp up. She was about half the size of her brothers.

Her brothers grew big, were rambunctious and into everything. But Esther continued to struggle to put on weight and keep food down. She was slow to sit up and could barely stand on her on at two while the boys were running all over the place.

When we opened the Day Care for Handicapped babies last year, we began taking Esther to the center every day. With the help of some great donors we bought equipment to help the babies sit up, reach for things, crawl and hopefully someday walk. Napendaella and teacher Penuweli and the daycare staff worked long hours with Esther and the other babies enrolled at the daycare. 

The babies get coconut oil massages every day to loosen up restricted muscles. Below, Esther on the parallel bars at the Daycare in her new blue graduation dress made by the daycare staff.

At the Daycare the babies eat nutritious food and are applauded for each accomplishment. In June while we were still in the States we got our first video from Kim that Esther was walking. I’ve watched that video many times and still cry every time. Below Esther at the graduation party at Neema Village.

The boys went home almost a year ago. Their mother had been working on the street, is HIV positive and needed help. Through the MAP program at Neema Village we moved her to a new location and set her up in a small shop selling staples like sugar, flour, salt, veggies, etc. She has a good business going now, is taking her medicine and the little family has a great future together. Esther is the tiny one in the middle below.

At the Neema graduation party, the Triplets’ mom talked about how grateful she was to have found the help she needed from Christians at Neema Village. 

At the Daycare party we shared with the moms and staff that the world may have thought that Esther’s future was to be an invalid, to be put off and hidden in a dark room somewhere but that God’s plan was for her to walk and have a life full of joy and accomplishments. 

Hopefully our talk was an encouragement for the other moms of the handicapped babies to not give up, that it might not be all they had planned and dreamed of when they were expecting their babies but that their lives could still be full of love and happiness if they will go with God’s plans for hope and a future. It is Amazing Love that brings these little handicapped babies into a life of hope.   

I think we can all live life to the full with that promise, don’t you!

We hope you live God’s plan of hope and a future in your life today, too!

Bekah (above) spent long hours with this little one in the isolation room. She will miss this baby when she goes home one day soon. But it is what Neema does best!

Dorris and Michael, just Administrators of God’s Amazing Grace.

Jeremiah 29:11

Esther graduates from Daycare at Neema Village. video IMG 7679