Why Are We Doing This Program?

Why Are We Doing This Program?

August 12, 2021

They had gathered under a tree in a remote Maasai village for the first progress report of baby deliveries since the “Save The Mothers” seminar held at Neema Village in June 2021.

Once again we were overjoyed and a bit amazed that seven of the birthers actually showed up for the meeting.

Below there’s a Kassie in those hugs somewhere! She remembered all their names and each one had to grab her for a big Maasai hug.

We had brought three of our volunteers, Heather Klos, Deborah Goppelt and Rachel Lanford out to see a Maasai village. They loved seeing the women break into happy songs and dancing when they saw Kassie.

The seven Birthers had brought along a few friends and the meeting progressed with over 50 women present, all of them wanting us to do a seminar in their village to teach them how to save babies. This seminar tackles the main obstetric complications that kill mothers and babies in childbirth.

We were quite happy to see an actual written report (below) since most of these women do not read or write. We learned that since the seminar these seven birthers had delivered 22 babies. Only one had lost a baby. She reported the mom was still in primary school, (that is between ages 7 to 13) and she knew immediately she would have trouble. The girl was too small to safely have a baby. But we were happy she had saved the mom.

They each reported using some of the techniques Kassie had taught them, two used infant CPR to save babies who would have previously died. One even used the Shoulder Dystocia procedures with a mom who had been in hard labor for over 24 hours saving both the mom and baby.

To make this seminar so much more important for us, three new babies came to Neema this month from Maasai villages after their moms died.

“A second new baby this week, one day old baby Anna, who weighs about 1.4 kg or about 3 lbs, traveled in from a remote Maasai village with her uncles. Her mom had died in childbirth and her dad had died before the birth. Chances of this little orphan’s survival up to age five without a mother and father were slim.”

I could not stop the tears when I found that she is from our little granddaughter, Maria’s village. Her father was Maria’s mother’s brother. Little Anna is Maria’s cousin. Now two moms from this small village will never see their little girls grow up, never see them marry and have children of their own. My heart hurts.”

August 2021- Moses (below) came to Neema a few days ago. He is healthy weighing 7.7 lbs. He was born July 13th, through a cesarean. His mother was in the hospital for three days and sadly died due to hemorrhaging. Moses’ grandmother would like to care for him but the family says she is too old. His great aunt did come with him to Neema to see him settled. She may be able to care for him eventually. We know God has good plans for this little guy. Neema will keep him healthy, loved, and happy till his forever family comes.

Please consider sponsoring him while he is here. Go to www.neemavillage.org to find out how. Thank you!

Baby Bahati which means “Good Luck” lost her mom this week from possible high blood pressure during childbirth. Bahati is three months old but looks about one month. She cannot lift her head.

These three little new ones at Neema Village who lost their mothers make us realize we must work harder and faster in this Save The Mothers program. Our next safe birthing seminar is scheduled for the middle of September. That will be to one village but there are many villages calling for help. Please pray and support this program. We know God’s people have all the money needed to support His work. We just have to tell the story.

May His Grace and Mercy be with you,

Dorris and Michael

Birthers progress video IMG 4712