The Latest News

The Latest News

September 10, 2021

With fifty four babies in house, five new babies in a week, MAP moms moving in and out, starting businesses, having babies, sewing classes humming, with chicken coops needing cleaned, not enough electric power to run the pasteurizer or milking machine, builders leaving out a wheel chair ramp for Sophia, mud stuck in the water well, the garden drying up with no rain, and corn needing shucked, Babu and I decided it was time to head home!

Up to the task, thank Goodness Super Woman, Dynamo, Eyes in the back of her head (according to the nannies) our daughter Kim has arrived. She brought her husband Bruce for the first time. One of our new babies, Little orphan Annie, is with Kim above.

And Kim’s husband Bruce, above, with our third baby named Sarah.

The MAP program continues to grow every month with 85 women in the business program now. Our latest mom is Rosie.

A Community leader called our MAP Director Anna at Neema Village about a Mother who had been abandoned by her husband so Anna and a few volunteers went to see how we could help. Rosie is a second wife and she and the first wife did not get along. In a fight the first wife injured Rosie’s little boy’s hand and after surgery it did not heal properly. Finally Rosie left with her two children. A kind old woman gave her a room to stay in with her two children, 3 years and 1 year old. There was no bed, no mattress, no electricity, nothing in the room. The mother had nothing, no food and no money. Rosie is 21 years old and her family is very poor and lives far away. They cannot help her. We will move Rosie to the Jeffrey May MAP houses. She will begin counseling and meeting with the other MAP moms at Neema. We can talk about a business for her in the future. Sophia Hays and Rachel Lanford went with Anna.

Abandoned baby little Handsome Prince was left in the garden at the local hospital. He looks well cared for and we just cannot imagine what happened with this poor mom to abandon this sweet baby. We are praying she can be found and we can help her. I hope she knows we will love him until she returns.

“We have a beauty on our hands,” was Kim’s comment when she first saw baby Lisa, above, whom Social Welfare had just brought in from a town in Southern Tanzania. Her mom is young and still in boarding school and grandmother did not feel she could take care of the baby.

Village leaders and grandmother brought in little twins, Nosiligi and Naleku, a few days before we left. Their mom had died in childbirth out in Maria’s village. Hopefully this village is on our list of places to do a “Save The Mothers” program. We have lost too many moms from this village.

We will be in the States for a few weeks. We could meet you for Mexican food anywhere, most anytime. Just let us know.

May God grant us all rest and peace,

Dorris and Michael.

(little Lisa below getting her first bath at Neema, such a good baby.)

Lisa baby movie IMG 5452