God’s Mercy and Grace

God’s Mercy and Grace

June 4, 2021

We were already down four drivers and needing to make a hospital run with a Neema baby when Anna, tears streaming down her face, walked up from the Mothering Center carrying a scrappy, dirty bundle of rags. Last week Hayley, our granddaughter and a couple of volunteers had gone out with Anna on a MAP run checking on a mom in trouble.

After the first MAP visit last week here is Anna’s report:

“Salma is 23 years old with two kids and we think pregnant. Abandoned by her mother when she was age one, she lived with her grandfather until marriage. After her husband left she moved back to live with her grandfather. She had never known her mother or father and then a few years ago her grandfather died and Salma was alone in the world. She started begging on the street and that is where she got pregnant again. She used to sleep with many men to get money to feed her kids. One day while begging she met Ema, our Neema Village driver. He knew she needed help and he gave her 10,000 TSH ( about $5) to get a pikipiki ride to Neema Village.”

Anna’s little bundle of rags this morning contained a perfect little baby girl with a slip of bloody rag tied to the umbilical cord.

Kelle Samsill describes this morning:

“Last night Salma was in labor so she fed her other 2 children and put them to bed. She knew that she would have to deliver this baby at home alone. The baby was born during the night. She cut the umbilical cord with a razor and tied it off with a piece of torn material. When it was light, she left her other 2 children and walked to Neema Village with her newborn baby. You see, she knew where to come for help. She knew where she could come and be loved and not judged. When she walked into the office carrying some material, we did not know what was was in it. As we opened it up, there lay the most perfect baby girl, still naked, sleeping peacefully. As we took her into our arms, we began to realize what was taking place. Anna and Dorris jumped into action. They took Salma to get cleaned up and to rest while the others of us held this sweet angel and sang to her and prayed over her.”

Nanny Glory giving the newborn a bath below.

Salma was worried about her other two young children, five and three, left at home alone so Michael took “Ole Bob” our big truck (Thank You Karen Harmon) and three volunteers with Anna to pick up the two children and the new bed and household items Neema had bought for her last week. She said people would come in and take everything.

And so the little family is reunited again and safe at Neema Village. She doesn’t know it yet but a new and different life is in store for this little mom. Mercy has come to her and Hope is on the way.

In her sweet, soft voice Salma tells Kelle the new baby’s name is Neema. Once again we cry.

With a few more tears we see our precious Dallas off to his new life this afternoon. An abandoned baby, Dallas is being adopted by one of the happiest couples we have ever seen pick up a baby from Neema. I wish I could show you their pictures as they laughed and played with happy little Dallas today but it is their story to tell now.

And so another day of God’s Mercy and Grace ends at Neema Village and these two old folks are ready for bed.

Love you guys,

Michael and Dorris