From Black Mamba to Graduation, What a Week!

From Black Mamba to Graduation, What A Week!

May 20, 2021

What a week! From seeing a black Mamba eat a chicken, a giraffe almost eating out of Kassie’s hand, to the MAP moms graduation, it has been an exciting past few days. Last Thursday our school kids, Frankie, Julius and Maria got to go to the snake farm, ride camels and tour a Maasai village.

Kids, you would want to stay as far away as possible from this snake! The black mamba struck so fast we missed it!

Just a little less dangerous, Kassie was ready to feed the giraffe on our trip out to visit with the village leaders about the Midwife classes starting this Sunday. We have never seen so many giraffe along the road and right outside the petrol station.

A new member of Parliament, Mr. Mrisho M. Gambo, came for a visit on Wednesday and brought gifts of food and a goat. A friend from our long ago Chimala days came with him; it was fun to get caught up on the family.

Tuesday was an amazing graduation day for our MAP Moms. The Computer classes, Sewing classes and Women’s Rights Program at Neema Village all had graduates this time. Women, who just a few months ago were so beaten down and abused they could hardly hold their heads up, now have hope through the Mothers Against Poverty program. Linnet and her baby, homeless and abandoned by her husband, now has a successful used clothing business and look at that smile of joy as she sings for us!

Margreth who was working at the dump picking up used water bottles took the computer classes and sewing classes at Neema. We are so happy for this young woman.

The sewing classes did a lively style show so we could see the beautiful dresses they each designed and made at the MAP Center.

Tausi was one of sixteen women who received sewing machines at graduation. Last year she had been abandoned by her husband because she had two Albino children. She was begging around a small village outside Arusha when an older woman let her stay with her. There were two adults and five children sleeping in a mud hut that was ready to fall down when we drove out to see if we could help. We cannot say thank you enough for those of you who donated sewing machines. I hope Tausi’s smile says Thank You to you.

After graduation, the women and village leaders walked up to the new MAP Houses. Over a year ago Kristi May came for a visit at Neema Village. We told her of our dream to build small apartment rooms for our MAP moms. When we bring a woman in who has been living on the street or in unsafe places we have been renting houses for them to stay while they rebuild their lives and start their MAP businesses. Kristi emailed later that she wanted to build the houses in memory of her husband Jeffrey Scott May. God’s people showing His love never cease to amaze us!!

Furnishings for the six apartments, beds, stoves, pots, pans, etc were given by another supporter of Neema Village. Purple and white bougainvillea will line the fence in front and there are dobi wash tubs, showers, toilets and a clothes line all across the back for the moms.

The MAP logo on the front was painted by a local artist at the Maasai Market. We chose the name The Mercy House because the women know we are all in great need of God’s Mercy. Rehema means Mercy in Swahili. Titus 3:5 “It was not because of our righteousness but because of His Mercy that He saved us.”

With ribbon cutting, hanging the plaque, cutting the cake, prayers and songs, the MAP houses were dedicated and are now open and ready for the next MAP moms.

Not to forget our babies, new little twins came to Neema last week, Isaya and Isaka. Their mom has HIV and is very depressed. Social Welfare decided she was not able to keep the babies. Hopefully she will be well enough to take the little guys home soon. In the meantime they will need sponsors.

So glad you made it to the bottom of this long blog!

Love you guys,

Dorris and Michael Fortson