Too Precious Not To Send Out Immediately

Too Precious Not To Send Out Immediately

October 13. 2022

We don’t often get photos like these so I wanted to share them with you immediately.

Angel, our social worker got a call this morning that there were two babies at the hospital and we should come pick them up. She took three of our volunteers, Kelle Samsill from Fort worth, Texas, Heidi Hanson from Fort Collins, Colorado and Janiece Watts from Abilene, Texas to hold the babies in the car. One baby was abandoned and the other has a mentally ill mom who cannot take care of the baby.

It is quite an experience to pick up a baby that has lost his or her mother for whatever reason. It does something mushy to your heart, right Kelle!

Neither of the babies has a name so the hunt is on for names. I will have to tell you later since at this point I am not sure what their names will be! They are both girls.

They both look pretty healthy and are home safe and sleepy at Neema Village tonight.

I will keep you updated on the two babies in the Nairobi Hospital. For now, no news is good news.

Now for some exciting information!

You know that Required Minimum Disbursement (RMD) you have to take out of your retirement investment each year if you are over 70? You can donate that to Neema Village, a registered 501c3, and not have to pay taxes on it! Isn’t that wonderful! We have the ability to receive stock and/or your required minimum disbursement.

All you have to do is request a form from Or email us at The form will be emailed to you and if your IQ is really high you can fill it out yourself or take it to your account manager and he can fill it out for you. The instructions of where to send the completed form is printed on the form.

This would be a great help for us and could help you on your taxes! We love to be helpful!

Love you,