The Pumpkins Are Loose!

The Pumpkins Are Loose!

November 11, 2020

Cathing Up!

All Social Media has been down for 2 weeks here so we have a lot of catching up to do with new babies and a new face around Neema Village! Kassie Stanfield made it to Neema a couple of weeks ago. She is the new volunteer coordinator and since we have no volunteers right now, she is helping Anna in the MAP program and holding babies when she has time.

Kassie is a graduate of Harding University and is a Certified Public Accountant. She gave up a job in Washington D.C. to come volunteer at Neema for a year.  

Kassie is teaching a class on Excel this morning for our directors.

These young people, like Kassie, who have such a heart for missions and helping the less fortunate of this world just amaze me. Welcome Kassie! 

She brought cute pumpkin outfits for the big kids, too.

Two little Pumpkins are Loose, the twins Furaha and Neyesu!

Three new babies came to Neema Village this week. 

Baby Kelle is three months old. Her mother, a prostitute, went out one day and left the baby with a friend and did not return. We don’t know how long but the baby was dehydrated, lethargic, barely moving and would not open her eyes.

She also had sores from what looked like bug bites on her little body and arms. The friend brought the baby in to the hospital.  The nurses were frightened for the baby and called Angel, our Social worker, to come pick up the baby. We have been feeding her a few ounces every hour by pouring milk down the inside of her cheek from a cup.  She is looking so much better this morning. Her name is Khauthar but we are calling her Kelle.

Precious little Innocent, (pictured below) is another new baby who came to Neema this week. He is one and half months old. 

His father is unknown and his mother is deaf, blind, unable to speak and cannot take care of this sweet little guy.  Social Welfare brought him in to Neema Village. We love him already.

Ruwayda is a long, skinny, frightened little girl who also came to Neema this week. Her mother died of clampsia shortly after the birth almost a year ago. An aunt has been feeding the baby Uji, a thin gruel with no milk. The baby only weighed 4.2kg (9lbs) at 11 months old when she was brought in to Neema.  

She is an at-risk baby with “failure to thrive” diagnosis. The aunt could not continue to keep her but hopefully other family members will be able to take her when she is stable. I love her little face, so full of questions.

The young mom, Tausi, with two Albino children living in the “scary village” we wrote about in the last email, is doing great in her new home just down from Neema. Her oldest boy is in school for the first time and loving it. Tausi is attending the classes at Neema’s Mothering Center and making friends with other young moms who were also deserted by their husbands because they had “special needs or different” babies.   

She has asked to study the bible and Ashley has set up some classes for her. She will start a small food business soon and will also continue selling firewood. Thank you to those of you who help these moms start new lives through our Mothers Against Poverty Program.

Life is full here but we miss our kids and especially since our son Rob and his wife Becky and their son Hunter all had Covid. We hear they are all recuperating and waiting for the sense of taste and smell to return.     

Love you guys!


Dorris sings Jesus loves the little ones,. IMG 9750