The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away!

The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away!

January 15, 2020

The day I had been dreading had come. Almost two years ago a tiny baby with a pink tongue almost too big for her mouth came to Neema Village.

The mother had had a stroke at the birth, the father’s whereabouts were unknown, and no other family could be located. The baby was left alone in the preemie unit at the hospital. She only weighted 1.3 kg when Social Welfare called Neema Village to come pick up the baby. The mother had put Joseph as the father’s name on the birth certificate, so we named the baby Josephine. 

A few months ago, a man walked into the baby home with a young wife and said, “My name is Joseph.” He had come for his baby girl. We stalled him then because Josephine was too little and still on the bottle. Today the family came again.

Today the stalling was over and two Maasai men with the young wife had come for Josephine.  

Putting babies back with their family is one of the best things we do but it is still tough when the baby has wiggled her little self into our hearts like this one.  

We packed her bags and I stood there with tears while Angel gave the two men the “no cutting or we bring the police” and the “she must go to school” speeches. Josephine has bonded with the mom and has been riding around on her back today.

In her little red going home dress Josephine walked confidently down the porch and out to her new life. They are Ngorongoro Crater Maasai so I will sign up to go on that safari in hopes to spot our little Josephine someday.

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

Also this morning we got word that two abandoned babies needed picked up at the hospital so our volunteers headed out with Angel to bring the babies home to Neema Village.

My sister Joleta’s granddaughter, Kelsey Titlow volunteering from Palestine,Texas for a few weeks, got to hold one of the babies on the ride home. Susan Hergenroether from Wisconsin held the other precious bundle.

One girl and one boy, they both had the abandoned baby tags on their arms. Nannies Rehema and Witness gave them their first baths. The nannies love to name the babies so Rozina wrote suggested names on the board. Out of eight or ten names Anna and Patrick were chosen and tonight little Anna and Patrick are safe, warm and fed at Neema Village. 

And tonight, somewhere in Africa, God is preparing the hearts of a new mom and dad who will come someday and walk out the door with another baby and a huge hunk of my heart. It is what Neema Village does best.  

Live Love Anyway,