Rehema Means Mercy

Rehema Means Mercy

March 30, 20221

I just have to get you caught up on the story of the mom with the special needs child and the witch doctor.  Last blog I didn’t have pictures of her or her name. Rehema is her name and this is a story of Mercy.

If you remember after Rehema (in the yellow above) had the baby and they realized he was not going to be like other kids, the dad asked her to get rid of the baby. She said no. When she would not agree he brought his family in to ask for the baby. She found out they intended to kill him and again she said no. Survival of the fittest was practiced in the old days out in the villages. They would take a baby like this and put him outside the thorn bush fence for the hyenas. Rehema was holding tight to her baby and again she said no. We see this time and again with these moms of special needs babies that we work with here in Africa. They clutch them with a fierceness of “you’re not taking my baby.”

That is when the husband took her out to a witch doctor and abandoned her and Rehema became a prisoner/slave. She had no money and no way to get away. When she finally got a little money for a bus ticket she returned home to find her husband had married another woman and they would not let her in the house. She had lost everything.

Anna above going to see Rehema at her room.

Somehow, she rented a room but she couldn’t pay the rent and the landlord was ready to kick her out.  She had been praying, “God please help me.”

That is when Kim, Kassie and Anna went to see her. After listening to her story Kim told her, “At every step of the way, you made the right decision, the hard decisions, the choice for life and your family. God has heard you and now He will bless you. You have come in contact with His people. You’re going to be okay.”

Then they brought her to Neema Village and the MAP Center where our other moms were meeting and singing together. The MAP mom’s songs are not only loud and boisterous but healing and powerful. When Rehema joined in the singing Kim knew, yes this was the right decision. (Special Needs moms and nannies singing below)

Neema Village Special Needs Moms sing IMG 2273

Rehema has found friends and other moms with special needs babies. She will be starting her new MAP business soon and after talking with Kim and Anna her landlord has forgiven her debt and given her a place to set up her little store.   

God’s Mercy has struck again! And now you know the rest of the story

We will be praying God’s Mercy for you dear friends as you love and support these lion hearted women of Africa.

Michael and Dorris at Neema Village