New Little Twins at Neema Village Today

New little Twins at Neema Village Today

June 23, 2020

Kim called from Africa today; little twin girls have come to live at Neema. They are a month old and their names are Happiness and Grace.

Their dad had been killed in a bodaboda (taxi motorcycle) accident before the twins were born. If you have been to Arusha you have seen the bodaboda as they zip in and out of traffic getting people to work and shopping. It is a rough way to make a living for these young men and accidents are common.

The babies’ mom bled to death during the delivery. They are Maasai and the Maasai prefer to birth at home but sometimes the older women who deliver the babies need a bit more training. Six of our newest babies have come from this same area and all lost their moms in childbirth. It is beyond sad and so needless.

We should do more Safe Birthing seminars like the one we did a couple of years ago with Dr. David Vineyard, a gynecologist from Nacogdoches. Lindsey, David’s wife, and Dr. Jeff McCormack and his wife Tina, from Oklahoma Christian University, helped with that Safe Birthing Seminar. But to get out to these remote villages for seminars as well as drilling water wells we are needing to buy a Land Cruiser. Our town cars are being beaten to pieces.

There were 6 children in the little twins’s family and the mother’s sister was trying to keep all six of them along with her own children. It was too much for her so the precious babies were brought to Neema Village.

We will love them until a family can be found for them, hopefully before the age of two.

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From the two Champion Smilers, Julius and Maria, Thanks Everyone