Neema’s Newest Babies

Neema’s Newest Babies

August 3, 2022


Neema’s newest baby was abandoned at a church a few days ago.

They named her Sesilia Peter Paul. We will call her Sesy. She is healthy and beautiful and weighs about eight pounds with chubby little cheeks. She is probably a couple of weeks old. She doesn’t cry or spit up and is not a fussy baby. We cannot understand how a mom could take such good care of such a sweet little one and then abandon her. We know this poor mom must be hurting. We hurt for her.


This beautiful baby was born May16th, 2022.  Her mom is very young, she is also deaf and both her parents have died.  Social Welfare decided she needed help while the baby was so little.  Hopefully we can work together to give this young mama the help and support she needs. Afsa will stay at Neema until her mom is able to take her home.


Clarence Delvis was born March 25, 2022. His mother asked a neighbor to watch him while she went to get milk. She never returned. The neighbor said his mother is an addict, a prostitute and has HIV.  We hope this mom will reach out for some help someday. Until then we already love this little guy. He was very malnourished and seemed almost comatose until Ali Maddox started calling him “Clarence.” Then he began to giggle. He had been abandoned in a Maasai town so we thought he was Maasai but Clarence is so not a Maasai name. Now he is a happy baby and is adjusting just fine to the love and care at Neema. I am still concerned about his right arm which he does not use much. The shoulder had seemed pulled out of joint at first. We will watch that arm.


This sweet baby girl’s mom died at her birth and there was no father in the picture. The baby came to Neema Village just as our Grace Bible Church volunteers from Georgetown were leaving. Our Social worker, Angel, will work to find a family member for this little girl. Once the babies are off the bottle, they are ready for adoption or reunification with a family member. “No baby belongs in an orphanage” has always been our motto. We hope baby Grace will one day be able to return to a grandmother or aunt.


Baby Nosim was a week old when she came to Neema. Her Maasai mom had died and the grandmother and father, along with Rick Morro, a friend, brought the baby in to Neema. The family is Ngorongoro Crater Maasai, who are the only tribe allowed to live in the crater.  The grandmother does not feel that she can take care of such a little baby so we are happy to step in until the baby can return home. It is very hard for Maasai to provide clean water, sterilize bottles, or buy formula after a mom has died. Many babies out in the remote villages will not be able to survive to age 5 without a mom. Our Save The Mothers program is helping with this problem of high maternal death rates but with six million Maasai it will take a while to train enough TBAs (traditional birthing attendants) to make a difference.

Neema #2

Neema was about a week and half old but very tiny when she came to Neema Village. She was not eating well and vomiting and spitting up a lot. We had to change her formula from Infacare to Lactogen. This baby has been in and out of the hospital since she arrived at Neema Village. We had been trying to work with her mom through our MAP program, but the mom decided she could make more money working the street and so she ran away. We will love you baby Neema.


Tiny Selah weighed 3.74 pounds when she came to Neema Village. She had been abandoned at the hospital. Her name means “look what God did.”

Now happy baby Selah below is ready to be adopted. We know God has just the right family for this sweet girl.

Gillian came to Neema at one day old. She is a healthy 3.3 kg (7.3lbs). Her mother abandoned her at the hospital. The nurse says she tried to ask the mother questions but she would not give straight answers and was very quiet. The nurses noticed the mother was missing early the next morning. They looked for her but she was not found. Gillian, pronounced “Jillian,” is chubby and perfect and we will gladly care for her until her forever family comes.

We thought you might enjoy just a look inside our isolation room at Neema Village today. When the babies are brought in they come to this room first. In a few months they move into the small baby room where they can meet such cuties as these three little ones below,

Tayo, Judith and Filbert.

Wallah! Neema’s Best Photo of the Year!!

Thank you Kelle Samsill!

Love you all and Bless you for supporting the sixty precious little ones living at Neema Village right now. When Jesus said if you will take care of the least of these it will be just like you are caring for me, I think he must have surely meant these little guys, don’t you think?

Dorris and Michael