A Happy Ending

A Happy Ending

August 6, 2020

We had told you a few weeks ago about a mother and her big handicap boy, Ezekiel. She had been selling homemade, fermented to near lethal, corn brew to men lounging outside her home and making trouble for her children. Social Welfare had asked Neema Village for help. Now here is the rest of her story.

We moved Mama Ezekiel and her four children from the mud hut where they had been living (pictured above) into a concrete house close to a busy street where she could do a different business. Ezekiel was excited to see us when we came to the new house today.

She had fixed up the new house by covering the concrete walls with colorful fabric.

 But the biggest change was the light bulb! From a dark mud room (pictured below) where we could barely see her face to this bright cheery home, above, has been an amazing change for her.

I remember when we first moved back to Tanzania we were told that only 3% of Tanzanian families have electricity.  Can you imagine the difference a single light bulb can make in the life of a family! The children can do their homework after dark, she can work on the books for her new business, they can read stories before they go to bed! To see such a huge change in the lives of these MAP women always makes me cry, too, Mama Ezekiel.

Today we had come to deliver her new business, a vegetable stand. Baraka, our Neema Village shop manager, had welded the metal stand together and it took four of our guys to move it. 

We set it up on a busy street where we blessed the stand and prayed that she would have a good business there and be able to support her family. 

This morning she went to the local African market and bought her first produce to sell; avocados, eggplant, bananas, new potatoes, etc. She wants to branch out to sugar, salt and soap next. As I finish this blog today, I learned she sold all the vegetables by the end of her first business day!

The rewards are great in this business of helping lift the women of Africa through our MAP program.  Huge hugs are priceless! 

May you be Blessed with lots of Hugs today!

Dorris and Michael, Administrators of God’s Amazing Grace.