A Full House!

A Full House

April 14, 2020

A Note: Please watch for my next newsletter, I will be updating you on the plans to go to hard lockdown to keep the babies and staff safe when the virus hits Africa. For now here’s a.m. update on babies.

Angel, our Social Worker at Neema Village, went to the hospital to pick up a baby last week whose mom had died after having a c-section. When Angel got to the hospital they asked her to take an abandoned baby as well. So she came home with two babies.

It’s a tough time in the world today but I cannot imagine anything worse than being an abandoned baby in Africa in the middle of a world pandemic. The baby, (above) was left at the hospital. Nanny Juliette has this little no-name baby girl with jaundice outside in the sunshine.

*The nannies have since given her a name, Faith. How appropriate for this scary time in our world.

Little boy Mishack, above, was born March 25th. His mom had a c-section in the hospital. She died while in recovery and this little one was left motherless. Hopefully a family member will step up to keep him after he is stable. For now we are standing in the gap for him.

These four newborns are Furaha #1, Lucy, Neyesu and Furaha #2. Furaha means Joy in Swahili. You just can’t have too much “Furaha!” Baby Furaha #2 and Neyesu are twins. But how sad, three moms who will never hold their babies. Lots of mouths to feed, currently there are 19 small babies! with a total of 57 babies, toddlers, crawlers and big kids on campus.

Phillip, the little one who was brought in almost starved, is back in the hospital and our nannies are staying with him 24 hours a day. . They are giving him TB medicine and antibiotics for pneumonia. Poor little guy is a fighter. Please continue praying for him and the nannies who are staying with him.

Alive, Sung by Neema Village Children's Choir

Click on the picture above and hear our big school kids sing their favorite song “Jesus is Alive.” Some of them came back to Neema to make a DVD of thirteen songs for you. We are sharing a song a day for 13 days on Facebook as an encouragement during this trying time.

If you have never been to Neema Village and wondered what it looks like to drive on campus this is it. We are built into the side of a mountain, the bricks on the road are handmade right there on campus and we have had to plant lots of bushes and grass to keep the dirt from sliding down the mountain. Folks tell me it looks like a mansion on a hill and it does but we built for $24 dollars a square foot and All by God’s Abundant Grace!!

Michael and Dorris