Announcement: Neema Village to Drill Water Wells!

Announcement:  Neema Village to Drill Water Wells!

April 30, 2020

We are pleased to announce that Neema Village is broadening it’s outreach to include helping remote villages have water. We have long had the vision that we could provide water for some of the areas from which our babies come.

About five years ago, we became acquainted with the Tanzania Water Project, which was begun and operated by a Church in Nacogdoches, Texas. TWP shipped a portable drilling rig to Tanzania about seven years ago, and they have drilled 44 wells for rural communities in the Dar es Salaam area. In the last year, the decision was made that they could no longer continue that project. They also decided, however, to offer the project to Neema Village. After little discussion, our Board of Directors voted to accept this offer, with the idea that we would drill wells in the Arusha area.

Many people, like the Masai woman on the right, walk miles each day for a jug or two of water. There is a great need for clean and easily accessible water for thousands of remote villages.  TWP has now been transferred to Neema Village Tanzania, Inc. With this gift comes the portable drilling rig, a 20 foot container, and other supplies and equipment.





Neema Village is still in the process of restoring the drilling equipment to full functionality. A number of repairs and modifications have been necessary, and we are making plans to purchase a larger vehicle to tow the rig. All the equipment has now been transported to Neema Village in Arusha. We have had a number of talks with the drilling crew in Dar es Salaam, and tentatively plan for them to travel to Arusha when we schedule the next well to be drilled. We have already identified several villages that need water, and pending on the results of the water survey and receiving drilling permits from the government, we will choose one of them for our next drilling site.

We have decided to keep the TWP website, which has much good information and the history of this good work. The website will go through revisions in the next few weeks. There will be links between the websites for TWP and Neema Village.

Neema Village is a faith-based organization. In addition to rescuing babies, helping widows and women through small business opportunities, and now bringing water to remote villages, we want to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, who is the Living Water. We believe that TWP will open doors to do just that.

Right now, we ask that you pray with us for the people of Tanzania, who are currently facing the spread of the corona virus pandemic in their communities. Tanzania does not have the resources to deal with the virus, so pray with us that God will intervene and spare the people from this contagion.

You are invited to let us know your thoughts about the above announcement. You can communicate through the below email address. You are also invited to financially support TWP. As I am sure that you realize, drilling water wells requires funding. We would appreciate your support. We would like to assure you that donations made to the water well project will only be used for that purpose. Should you want to make a donation, you can do so through the “Give Now” button on the Neema Village website. Be sure to specify that the purpose of the donation is to support the Tanzania Water Project.

A note of concern: While we are thrilled with the prospect of using TWP to drill water wells for remote Tanzanian villages, we do not want to divert donations away from our primary mission of rescuing abandoned, orphaned, and at-risk babies. It is important that we guard the funding which supports the babies. We pray that TWP funding will be new donations and that donations for the babies will not be diverted away from them.

We look forward to undertaking this great work of bringing life giving water to the people of Tanzania, East Africa.

God bless,

Michael Fortson, Founder/Director

Neema Village Tanzania, Inc.